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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moving In!!!

Okay, so I am finally settled into my new dormitory. I, for the very first time in college, have my very own room. One word: YAY!!! As a senior, I figured that it would be best with my heavy schedule, and busier work load, to not have to deal with an in-the-room roomie. There are four girls in my apartment style dorm, each with their own bedroom, two to a bathroom, a living room, and a tiny (no-really, it’s miniscule) kitchen. My mirror buddy, Laconda, as my neighbor and I have come to call each other, is also an Education major; however, she is focusing on the Middle School age group rather than the Elementary group. The other two girls, Sarah and Nikki, are Social Work and Business majors, respectively. Both also play on the school’s softball team. As we are all seniors this year, I think we will all get along fantastically. Chances are, we won’t see much else except the chalkboard and the inside of our textbooks, so getting along shouldn’t be an issue. Well, that’s about all from the wonderful life of me!! I’ll update in a week or so to let everyone know how the first wonderful week of classes treated me. Until then, Veloma tompoka! (See you later in Malagasy)


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